Trello Pro {gram}

Become a Trello pro so you can build the workflows you need and get back to work (or play).
All Access Courses

Can’t pick just one Trello course to take? Join the Trello Pro {gram} to get unlimited access to all my Trello courses. (Building new ones as I write this!)

Valued at over $500

Bi-Monthly Group Coaching

Every other week, hop on a Zoom call with others trying to improve their Trello knowledge and I’ll be there to answer any questions and show cool things I’m working on.

Private Consulting

Option to book 1:1 time with me at a discounted rate. We can discuss your current workflows, productivity, business growth, or anything else I can help with!

Save $50/hr

Exclusive Content

I create a lot of content for free on my blog and YouTube, but by joining the program, you’ll get access to my Patreon where I realize exclusive productivity content!

Valued at $10/mo

How does it work?

Pick the red pill, or the blue pill.

Red Pill (Monthly Access)


Unlimited access to all features each month. No contracts, no requirements.

Cancel whenever you want!

Blue Pill (Lifetime Access)

$1,500/one time

One-time fee for unlimited access to current and future courses, lifetime access to coaching calls, exclusive content, and discounted consulting rates.

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  • Who is this Brittany and why is she qualified to talk about Trello?
    I’ve been using Trello for over 10 years in both my personal and professional life. I’ve rarely found any problems I can’t solve with Trello, and I’ve improved my own and others’ workflows signficantly. I’m not using the words “life-changing” but some people I’ve worked with have 😊 I’m a regular contributor to the Trello blog, an active Atlassian Community Leader, and I’ve given many a talk on Trello.
  • What if I sign up but I hate it?
    Well that would be sad for both of us, but I’ll happily refund you if you sign up for either plan and don’t immediately start getting values.
  • Why aren’t there more FAQs listed here?
    Because at the moment, it’s simple enough that this seems pretty straightforward. But as I go and get more questions, I’ll be adding them to here 😊